Sunday, August 09, 2009

Peace of Mind

A little something I wrote about 6 years back on a little piece of paper, which I stumbled upon searching for something else:

Once upon a time, there was a young boy called Sreekumar. Sreekumar got a doubt one day that the reason for his happiness might be lack of "Peace of Mind". So, he went to the market place and asked the shop-keepers for a little "Peace of Mind". But the shop-keepers sadly said "We are already out of stock and we have no suppliers now!". Not willing to let it go, he went to his teacher and asked for the same. The teacher felt really sorry for the boy and tried to console him. But, even the teacher failed to give him what he wanted.

Then, Sreekumar asked his parents, friends, neighbors, but in vain. He became so restless that he began pestering even the strangers for some Peace of Mind, each one of them said: " I myself, do not have it! How can I give you?"

Sreekumar began to travel to far-away places, impatiently, in search of it. He went to strange cities, fiery forests, dangerous landscapes, crossed many miles, swaw many seas, climbed many mountains: yet no fruitful results.

One day, in a village, he met a fine young woman and was attracted to her. He asked her if she knew where he could find the Peace of Mind. The young lady teasingly said she knew it, but wouldn't tell him. He began begging her and arguing with her. Finally she said, Peace of Mind is not a thing to "ask for", but to "Give to others", annoyed with him. She also said asked him to leave her alone, and go meditate in solitude, perhaps in contemplation he may stumble upon it.

Taking the advice, he went on to river-side, and sat beneath a tree, still anxious of the thing he was in search for. He felt tired and began feeling sleepy. He slowly fell asleep. In his dreams, he heard the voice of the young lady again: "You are losing all that you have gained so far, by worrying about lacking peace of mind. Stay calm, and feel the freedom, be happy, do not worry, then you will realize that there is eternal peace in your own head." Sreekumar then realized that he was the only one who could answer his own quest. He never asked about peace of mind again after that day.

He said to himself often:
"It is not the actual "Suffering" which is the cause of unhappiness; it is the "willingness to suffer" that causes unhappiness. The laws of nature and the Universe are so simple and straight: they say "you want it, you got it!".
"Anything that CAUSES FEAR is not worth CARING for; Anything that DEMANDS CARE is not worth LOVING; Anything that EXPECTS LOVE, is not worth LIVING for.
"One who realizes this and lives accordingly is the Ideal Happy Man. Ideal does not mean that never is possible, it only means that Rarely is seen."

For a person to attain PEACE OF MIND, the only possible way is to DECIDE TO BE HAPPY . That essentially means, STOP WILLING TO SUFFER.


Anonymous said...

Dear Siddharta,

Where there is no mind, there is Peace.
Please read Who am I by Ramana Maharishi.

Sid said...

Hello there,

Appreciate your comment.
The greatest and most complex thing in the nature is human mind. It is quite hard on having "no mind", since that will turn us into animals and our consciousness will degenerate.
I will try to read the essay though.