Monday, March 09, 2009

The bully state MA

I was always in awe of the state MA, right from my college days. The MIT, Harvard, Boston, the Spirit of America...huh! The Sun rises right here in the US!

Indeed, it is great! And so are the expenses here! Last time in Chicago, I was not so inclined in the "savings" thing. But, in the end, I could save okay. This time I came with an aim to save, but alas, I have already spent and going to spending much more.
First thing, I got an apartment to rent on my name. Luckily my credit score must have been good, I got a better deal. Eventually I would be spending over a thousand bucks for the rent. That is, if I stay all alone.

And then, it was time to get a car, as I needed it desperately. You call it whatever, but I ended up paying for a used car more than I ever thought I would spend. It cost me over eight grand. I hope to get back a significant amount when I sell it back though, which I can't and don't want to imagine right now.

And the thing that caused me a major disappointment is the auto-insurance. Man! It is difficult for people like me to even drive a car here! I heard that there is annual tax for the car, and even the Gas!! Wow!!

So far, in the 3 weeks, it gave me startling surprises on the amount of money I spent already.

Hope things will get better and there would not be any further surprises.

Note: This post is written after going thru a lot of strainful thoughts in the past few days. May be I will experience better things and write some inspiring stuff in my next posts.

Monday, March 02, 2009

First Few Days...

Finally, today, I got the kind of time I wanted to seriously spend on writing a post here. In the past few weeks, life made a U-turn. I deliberately traveled back to India to do some things in my mind and even before I was half-way thru, I was compelled to travel back to the States in mid-February. And leaving from the airport, with all my cousins, aunts, and parents seeing-me off, it was a crazy feeling. I was feeling like shit, why the hell do I have to agree to go to the US? Momentarily it may appear to be a valid thought, that I could have made a choice, by being blatantly adamant about staying back in the home land. However, looking at the circumstances, perhaps I did not have much choice and that this was for good.

And when I started speaking to friends once I landed here, every one asked me just one question: "How did you come to US, while everyone is heading back to India?" Obviously because of the recession and its effect on the employment. Well, then, I believe the reason I am here is also because of the economic recession and one of its different consequences: the cost-cutting achieved on out-sourcing.

My first weekend here, I went to the Circuit City, the experience was horrifying. This I already wrote in my previous post, because I could not resist not writing it.

Anyways, 2 weeks later we moved from a town called Randolph to another, Norwood. The apartment is a single-bed, and currently there are 4 of us for a few weeks. Later on, I am expecting 3 will leave and an another colleague will join in. So that'll equal the equation.

By the way, I forgot to mention, I started to hate the Boston area, as my old US home in Chicago area was much more decent. I mean the town, the roads, the facilities and the ease of living. Here, I am scared about one thing: "Parallel Parking", which I have never done before, and never had a reason to do while in the Illinois town of Schaumburg. And the interstate traffic, as I was told by some locals, sucks during the rush-hour.

One good thing though is that the apartment I stay in, has its own T-station. If I catch a train, right at my home, I will reach Boston South Station in 40 mins. And, as I was told, if I catch a bus to New York from South Station, will be in the Big Apple in 4 hours. Isn't that pseud?

Well now, I got a place to stay, got a phone in the first 2 weeks, that leaves me with buying a car as the only thing left to be able to lead the regular American living, rather, an Indian (east) living tailored to American system!! :-)

Work place is around 10 miles and I still need to get used to the route. I figured, the only way I will remember is once I start driving again.

Hope there would be more leisure time this time around to contemplate and suffer, and then turn into a post here in my good ole blogspace.

-Siddartha Pamulaparty