Sunday, April 23, 2006

dream... interrupted

As always, a dream that's interrupted, a song that's forgotten, a story that's never happened....

I had a dream over last night
A dream so vivid and so real.
I had this strange kind of feel-
As my mind and soul had begun to fight.

Said my mind, "Forget it fool-
This fleeting thought that you have.
You're not made for this thing called love."
As if imposing on me a rule.

Said my soul, "Come on! Come on!
Welcome to this dark world of lust-
Where your desire and your wish come first."
As if singing me an old tune.

When I woke up on the daybreak
A fresh breeze of smile flew up my lips.
As I walked past and climbed down the steps
Right inside my chest started this ache.

My heart! I knew, it was my heart!!
Poor my heart was throbbing too hard.
I felt I must borrow a few lines from the bard
And express my grief, through the graceful art.

Until I saw her face again
(Or was it her body first I saw?)
I writhed and whined in an attempt to withdraw
From this forlorn moment of pain.

Greed came upon me once in a whole
Invading from my grimaced brow
And spreading into all contortions in slow
It reached my mouth- an infinite hole.

I noticed not when she turned
To show upon her radiant face
A li'l naughty and more full of grace
Reminding the fire that left me burned.

I kept my eyes for some while
On her bosom that looked so firm
My hands wanted to hold them and squirm-
My hands so trembling yet so agile.

Deftly around her waist I went
And held her in my strong grip
With burning passion kissed on her lip
And slowly savored her like a serpent.

I found a sweet surprise, o sweet delight
When I at her collar began to scout:
Her neck was more whiter than I thought!!
Whiter than the snow or the moon at night!

While I undid her garments inner
She wringed in hurt and moaned my name;
She shook with disgust or some kind of shame
As devoured her I, like a delicious dinner.

Now she lay in the dark without a dress
Her bodice I threw-off and her corset I tore-
Her naked breasts as high as the Alps did glore;
In no time her feminity was under my caress.