Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I wonder, while the summer breeze
Blows splendidly during the noon-
Of when this life of mine shall soon
By all its virtues come to cease.

In forlorn nights of trembling cold
When there's no moon to look upon
I dream of stars beyond the sun
Which glisten brighter than the gold.

When 'tis time for the autumn rain
That drops so hard causing this pang
I think of all the bards who sang
Of wealth and strife, of love and pain.

I hear slow whispers around me
"There is no devil to kill us
And no desire to fulfill thus"
I understand what I couldn't see.

I wish to seek the Truth untold
Unknown to many, and hence find
The secrets lying in my mind-
I shall then become strong and bold.

May 08, 2k5

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thy Name

Lest I mistake this summer rain
As Thy blessing to heal my pain
Lest I forget, my life of shame
Whilst I still chant Thine Holy name
Perchance I glance backward at moon,
Hoping my dream will come true soon
Lest I feel 'tis time to renounce
And Thine own words lest I pronounce
Do make me wise, let me be right
Bless me follow the Divine Light.
Before I lose this hazy game
Before I burn in flames of blame
Allow me chant Thine Holy name
Thy name, sweet name, Thine Holy name.

April, 2005