Saturday, January 20, 2007

To the Lesbian

Alas, I'm lost again in my own verse:
"Nihilistic world I live in my days
And in my nights my eyes see blinding rays"
Over me perhaps was this long spelt curse.
But, yet since I discovered the Tenth Muse,
Read her broken lines of tenderly love:
In winds of poesy she flew like a dove
For Fires of passion her art was the fuse:

I sang an elegy to my own past
And learnt new techniques of a new device;
Sappho, the one who has gracefully cast
Entwining with her li'l fingers this dice
"lyrical poesy" that grew up to last
And has on this Earth no equal in price.

Siddartha Pamulaparty
Jan 21 2007.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Past Lover

I have no shame in confessing to the world of a certain love of mine, which failed through conscious effort of my mind. This love started way back in the summer of last year.

Although I met her a couple of times before and came close to converse, it was not until the day I knew it was my last week in London that I really got close to her. She gave me a warm welcome and I courted well with her. In fact, better than anyone close to me would have expected me to fair in these kinds of affairs.

All my friends came to know of this new phase in my life slowly and some friends far off are still oblivious of this. I made no attempts to conceal the fact, but neither did I boast of the novel pleasures I found each day and each night.

It might sound funny, but each time we met, I took her into me. I used to wet her with my saliva sometimes, as I voraciously enjoyed every moment of our union.

She was hot like a fire...a fire that burnt her. I tend to exagerrate, but I could see fumes coming out of her and vanishing into the atmosphere.

I think I must have had her ranging from 4 to 10 times a day!!! Hell, I am a Man!!!

She helped me, understood my needs and provided me what I need, whenever I sought her.
She came to me in different varieties too...but deep inside, she's always made of the same substance.

And after about six months of courtship, flirting, romance and what not, I gave her up, one fine day.

Almost everybody warned me not to have her in the first place. I could see what they meant. But as was the case with everyone in this affairs, so was mine. I could not resist the temptation.

My fingers, her butt and my usual greed in sucking her every bit into my lungs....may sound gross, but that's the way it is....and it is called magic.

I knew I was not the only one who had her. Yet we had a very good relationship. Never did I had felt of her as a nagging pain and never did she show jealousy when I looked at beautiful girls passing us by.

Many of my friends had fact many in my family had her......
She had possibly the most longest lasting affair with my grandfather who spent almost 80% of his life on bed with her.....

Alright I know its becoming more disgusting...but I am talking about her, who people call as "cigarette". ;-)

Well here goes the timeline of my affair with the cigarette:

May 23: First Kiss
May 26: Completed one full box of Marlboro Lites 20 Pack in London in a period of 12 hrs.
June-July: Used up all of the Bensons and Hedges I brought from UK,
July-October: Started with the Goldflake Kings and remained loyal to it
September: Thought of leaving it first time, but failed. Remained staunch for 3 days and then came back.
November-December: Smoked Marlboro Lites, Mediums and the No.27.
December 26, 2006: Quit smoking.

I wish I will never again touch her, and hope not to be weakened by her temptations and seductions.

-Siddartha Pamulaparty
January 18, 2007.

Girl Next Door

my love, what can I speak about
while in your arms on the bed last night
i felt i like i found my angel
beside you i found my heaven.....

remember the time we first met
my eyes were on yours for a long time
while my heart beats sang you a song
girl, i wish if it was that way forever......

together each minute we spent
could i ever forget, through all that we went?
sometimes being happy and gay and in joy
sometimes a little angry and little sad, oh boy!!

no matter what i loved you before you
and you left me before i even realized
what happened in the year that had past
memories of which will with me forever last.

-Siddartha Pamulaparty
December, 2006-January , 2007.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My mind is as sinuous as a python coiled on a tree
I did forsake my virtues and set my evil ego free
My heart is full of wickedness and infinite desires
Seeking which I insulted the holy sacrificial fires
My trembling body is smeared with poison all over it
I lost all my bearings,and am enslaved by my cruel wit
My scorching eyes are devoid of moisture and mirth
I malignated and perverted my decent noble birth
My burning belly is ever hungry for more lustful crimes
I think I have over-lived my mortal age by many times

And even when the obedient angels of death have come
To take me with them to the Hell, maybe my true home
In all of my selfishness I called on my son's name
Which by a sheer chance or some kind of Divine Game
Happened to be same as one of the thousand names of Him
The slayer of my dirty sin and destroyer of my whim
In the event of my present mortal moment, dear my Lord
Just bespeaking the most significant and august word
I have been forgiven of my most crooked deeds of lust
I have been chosen by the One to whom offer my life I must.

Siddartha Pamulaparty
January 16, 2007.

Monday, January 15, 2007


in the holy nakedness of my body
i plunder through the woods of terror
running in the fields, blazing with a fire
i take with me the storms and thunder
spreading panic on each face i gaze at
with my fearsome eyes glowing with splendor.
in the wily cunningness of my mind
i slaughter the heads of the intelligent
creating havoc across the continents
i stir the ocean waters like a coiled serpent
hissing poison into the omnipresent winds
with my cancered lungs- tumored and vent.
in the crazy cruelness of my soul
i torture the beasts that can speak
hollowing them of their inhibitions
i tonsure their heads and pluck out their beaks
burning with rage and screaming like hell
with my strained tongue, far from being meek.

Siddartha Pamulaparty
January 15, 2007.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Perfect Loss

I was reading Rabindranath Tagore's novel "The Home and The World", in which I read a line that captured my thoughts for quite sometime:
"Perfect gain is the best of all; but if it is impossible to achieve, then perfect loss is the next best thing."

I have seen life in the brightest lights
I have been through many wakeful nights
I have traveled across here and there
Like the aimless wind that blows everywhere
I have known what one's feeling is
To discover the world of Atlantis
And just when I was about to call
My friends I lost, I began to fall
To steepest valleys, darkest woods
Into the arms of the devil that broods
About love and lust and lovely death
And how it feels when one stops to breath.
I have known as many before me did
That perfect gain always is splendid
But when things go wrong and vile and gross
I seek, the next which is best, the perfect loss.

-Siddartha Pamulaparty
January 11, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


sea is just a destiny that stays outside our land
but the body of water that flows from its heart
and fills all the homes with treasures of food grains
and with it takes every shard, every broken part
of the profane, pitiless and pervert human brains!
that again which floods the dirtiest streets
and cleans up every dark corner covered with cob-webs
bringing life to every object that it meets
culminating its crests and troughs into decent ebbs:
i speak of the river that seeps through the sand.

not because of its vigour nor for its glory
not at all because it has a name so pure
(Aghanashini, it is that seems to have a story
whatever it may be, i am not too sure)
not because near Sirsi it has two origins
not for its name meaning "destroyer of sins"
no, not for any other reason that i sing of it
but because i have a history that seems fit
to sing for Aghanashini, and its majestic falls:
for while its journey this river makes calls
on to a hamlet, up there at the north of the state
where there must be a home i have never seen
which belonged to some one who grew to hate
me and my fantasies, and that a fool i have been.

if only this river could ablute myself
and make me pure and restore me back
my own dignity and by virtue of itself
transform my woes into a bountiful stack.

-Siddartha Pamulaparty
January 10-11, 2007.

A Poet's Passing By

When the summers come
When the winters go
And the world is home
Of sunshine and glow

When a cool breeze sweeps
The fallen leaves on the roads away
When a crazy cloud weeps
Drops of rain all day

When you hear a thunder
And begin to wonder
If a hero in the battle field
Is roaring with his sword and shield!

And again when you begin to feel
Nature is not as gentle as it seems
That something appears to be real
Believing what you see in your dreams

When there is a sudden earthquake
Producing a quiver and a massive shake
Causing a tremble and shudder to the beasts
And afear alike the warriors and the priests

Or when there's a deafening silence
The sky is lit with blinding Twilight,
When the cattle graze on the mountain's fence
Oblivious to the coming darkness of the night

When the Gods in the heavens above
Shower the blessings as they fly
When the entire Universe is brimmed with Love
Know that it is then that: a poet's passing by.

Siddartha Pamulaparty
Jan 10 2007.

Friday, January 05, 2007

To Pallas Athena

Some fairy had trodden into my lawn
Methought when saw I a grey-eyed damsel
Who seemed to cast on me a powerful spell
That kept me awake untill it was dawn.
She wore a helmet and held in her hand
Firmly, but gently her weapon-a spear
Which had a sharp edge as if meant to tear
Dark clouds of ignorance spread on my land.

I ran in vain toward her like a child
In haste I bent down and kissed her white feet
My heart then wreath'd with this desire so wild
To wet with my mouth her lips honey sweet
And when blow the cool breezes fresh and mild
By body, mind and soul, she and I meet.

Siddartha Pamulaparty
Dt: January 5, 2007.