Friday, May 30, 2008

Shakuntala Patralekhana

Inspired by the painting called: "Shakuntala Patralekhana" by Raja Ravi Varma (image above), at the Shri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, Mysore in 2002, this is what I wrote with my pen on a PostCard of the same painting:

Even the heart of a lion would think twice-
to dare to snatch away the dreams from those eyes!

How tender the words that drop from the pen held by your delicate hands would be;
I wish I was the one addressed to in those words, even if it were in a language unknown to me!!

-Siddartha Pamulaparty
Jan 15, 2002

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Memories

This is a poem I wrote after the Industrial Tour-2002. It speaks for itself of the great bonds we formed with our friends during the 5-6 days we were on the tour.

The month of January, two thousand two,
This marvelous it would be- I never knew;
With the awake of new joy in our hearts that are young,
Our lips are filled with a new cheer and have begun to sing.
Those evanescent turmoils and those blisses forever,
All kinds of emotions, in our memories, are together!

The month of January, two thousand two,
This splendid it would be- I never knew;
Strangers became friends and friends became life,
Those golden moments, for us, had all the world's time
A part of our dreams have now become true,
The rest of them, for our future, are in due!!

Immortal are the bonds that we've woven with affection,
We'll pray that our relations progress to more perfection.
With the benediction from the Divine Abode above in the sky,
Let us continue to be a family as the endless time passes by!
-Siddartha Pamulaparty
January 15-16, 2002.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bryan Adams' "11"

Last Saturday (May 17), I drove out in a jiffy to the Walmart on the Algonquin Rd. I parked the car and rushed into the store. Went straight to the Audio CDs section. Browsed through the wrong corner in the Rock section. Suddenly realized the new releases could be on the other side.

There I found it, the CD I wanted 4 days ago when it got released (May 13) but could not due to other obligations.

Bryan Adams has released his new album after 4 years. And this one, called "11", like the last one "Room Service" has been recorded during the time of his concerts, backstage and in hotels.

Usually as a big Bryan Adams fan, here are the top 3 best things I like about his songs:

3. acoustic and electric solo guitars (both BA and Keith Scott's)

2. vocals of BA...divine.

1. lyrics.

Well, there is a specific pattern in the lyrics of all BA songs, they are so meaningful. I have always found the BA songs so close to heart, simple, easy, and in some way magical.

When "Room Service" was released, all the songs were just typically BA songs, I liked all of them!!

However in "11", I am a little disappointed with the lyrics. The stories in the songs are also not so really Bryan Adamish....that "mysticism" is missing!! The vocals, of course, he is at his usual best.

There are some beautiful lines though:

"I thought I'd seen everything" : he croons "its just the way you are- that makes me feel so much"

"I ain't losin' the fight":

"how come the best ones are always taken

what i see when i see ya- is love in the makin'

something about timin', something about fate

gotta go with the feeling- not a moment to waste"

And again:

"cuz opposites attract this way

if day is night and night is day

if loving you is wrong then babe- wrong is right

and i ain't losin' the fight"

" We found what we were looking for" :

"we found our wings and now we fly above the wind..."

"Broken Wings":

"now i feel i can believe in anything

you taught me how to fly on broken wings"

" Mysterious Ways":

"the world is full of mysteries

full of magic and of wonder

there's so much more than what we see

can't explain the spell i'm under

everytime i look upon your face

i'm constantly amazed

and love moves through my days

in mysterious ways"

"She's got a way":

"she's got a way- of taming the wild in me

with patience and serenity

i'm drowning in her revery

and i can't run away she's got a way to make me stay"

The entire song of "Walk on by" has good lines in it.

Of course, none of the songs, in entirety are up to the standards of the usual Bryan Adams.

Hope to hear more from him in the next few years, in fact songs even with more deeper meaning like the "Open Road" or "Inside Out" or the all-time biggest hit single "Everything I do".

Siddartha Pamulaparty

May 19, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

పోతన భాగవత మకరందములు - 3

శా. అమ్మా! మన్ను దినంగ నే శిశువునో యా కొంటినో వెఱ్రినో
నమ్మంజూడకు వీరిమాటలు మదిన్ నన్నీవు కొట్టంగ వీ
రిమ్మార్గమ్ము ఘటించి చెప్పెదరు కాదేనిన్ మదీయాస్యగం
ధమ్మఘ్రాణము సేసి నావచనముల్ దప్పైన దండింపవే.
క. ఆలలితాంగి కనుంగొనె బాలునిముఖమందు జలధిపర్వతవనభూ
గోళశిఖితరణిశశిదిక్పాలాదికరండమైన బ్రహ్మాండంబున్.

మ. కలయో వైష్ణవమాయయో యితరసంకల్పార్ధమో సత్యమో
తలపన్ నేరక యున్నదాననొ యశొదాదేవిఁగానో పర
స్థలమో బాలకుఁడెంత యీతనిముఖస్థంబై యజాండంబు ప్ర
జ్వలమై యుండుట కేమిహేతువొ మహాశ్చర్యంబు చింతింపఁగన్.

The context here is another "leela" of the beloved Krishna, the most favorite of the 10 avatarams in the Bhagavatham, that He shows His foster mother Yashodha Devi, the entire Cosmic Universe within His mouth, thus providing her the "gyana" about the Universe!!

Now, here are three different types of Telugu padyams by grammar and metre (chandassu) and how lovely they are!!

In the first one, a "Shaardoola vikreeditham", young Krishna is speaking to Yashoda Devi thus:

"Mother! How could I eat mud being a young boy? I am neither hungry, nor am I crazy! Do not believe the words of these people, who purposefully are diluting your mind so that you should punish me by beating! Please trust my words and check my mouth for yourself , before you decide to punish me!"

In the second one, a "Kanda padyam", the poet describes what the mother discovers:

" Yashoda Devi, then witnessed in the mouth of Krishna, the Oceans, the Mountains, the Forests, the Earth (the whole globe), the Fire, the Sun, the Eight Directional heads and the entire Universe, as it were, packed into a small box!"

And in the third one, a "Mathebha", the poet further describes this wondrous experience of Yashoda Devi:

"Yashoda Devi spoke to herself : Is this a dream? Or is this Vaishnava Maaya (Vishnu's Maya/ Magic)? Or is this some other kind of higher purpose of meaning?

I am unable to comprehend, if this is Truth!! Am I in a strange place, elsewhere? What could cause such a young kid, to have His face filled with bright shining Universe!! I wonder in awe!!"

The "leela" as such might be that Krishna, as part of His debts to mother Yashoda, was helping her realize the Universe and cosmic knowledge, enabling her to seek liberation from the karmic world.

As for the beautiful Telugu verses, once again, Pothana as usual, did wonders.

For instance in a two-line Kanda padyam, he tried to show the entire Universe!! Now that's something!! It is probably things like this, which developed Telugu as a very popular and well-liked language! (According to Wikipedia, presently "Telugu is one of the top fifteen most widely spoken languages in the world ...")

I know that my attempt here to translate these to English is in vain, and unworthy, as I could not justify the beauty of grammar, metre and meaning of these padyas.

Note: Here is a link to the grammatical nuances of Telugu padya's :

Siddartha Pamulaparty

Dt: 17 May 2008.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

పోతన భాగవత మకరందాలు - 2

శ్రీ కృష్ణుడు గోవర్ధన పర్వతమును ఎత్తుట:

క. కిరియై ధర యెత్తినహరి కరి సరసిజముకుళ మెత్తుగతి( ద్రిభువనశం
కరకరు ( డై గోవర్ధన గిరి యెత్తెం జక్కనొక్కకేలన్ లీలన్.

వెనకటికి వరాహావతరంలో ధరిత్రి ని ఎత్తి పట్టుకున్న ఆ హరి, ఒక ఏనుగు తామరపువ్వు ను ఎత్తినంత సునాయాసముగా, ముల్లోకాలకు పరమేశ్వరుడై, ఆ గోవర్ధన పర్వతమును చక్కగా ఒక్క చేతీతో లేవనేత్తినాడు !!

This is a poem from Pothana's Bhagavatham again: In this, the context is Lord Krishna, lifting the Govardhana Mountain, during a big storm in the town. He protects all the people and cattle in the village by creating an umbrella with a huge mountain!!

The meaning of this is:

"The Lord Hari (one of the names of Krishna), who in His previous avatara as the Hog, (Varahavatara, 3rd in the Dasavatara's), carried the Earth, (presently also), with an equal ease of an Elephant lifting up a lotus bud, in the form of the Master and Lord of the three worlds, lifted up the Govardhana Mountain, easily and skillfully with a single hand! "

Lovely poem. Pothana is the greatest devotional poet, ever!!!

-Pamulaparty Siddartha.

May 16, 2008.

Dead Poets Society

I recently got the movie I wanted to see for a long time now: "Dead Poets Society".
The movie stars Robin Williams as the English teacher John Keating in a high school, of which he was also a student once.
While the essence of the movie is "Carpe Diem!!" a Latin phrase for "Sieze the day", and as the teacher Keating further says.."Make your lives extra-ordinary", the movie gives you more than that. Message to young, do only that what you LOVE the most. Message on the pedagogy, FREEDOM (as in THINKING for one's self) is more important than DISCIPLINE (as in being dogmatic) while educating the "growing minds". Message to the parents, don't DEMAND your children to DREAM your DREAMS. But don't you worry, it is not that a serious movie, there's a lot of fun there too. I bet you'll remember your high-school or college days too!!
The other characters of the students are also very interesting and all the actors have done very impressive drama.
I loved the movie and my favorite character was of "Charles Dalton", apart from John Keating of course.
Anyway this is not a review of the movie, go watch it yourself, if you come across it or if you don't forget that there was a Drama wonderfully made for English movie-watchers. My point of writing this blog is to capture some inspiring moments of my otherwise wasteful life.

This is how I got to know about this movie: first, it started when I read a "quotation" in a news paper : "Seize the day, make your lives extra-ordinary", like about a decade ago. After a while I
researched some on Internet and found that "Dead Poets Society" is a movie and in that the actual members of this society, students in a school, used to have clandestine meetings, (as adventurous as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer's) and their every meeting used to start with a quote from Henry David Thoreau. The one they show in the movie is:
"I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life... to put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. "
This quote is read atleast three times on the screenplay and was absolutely perfectly dramatized with such a grace.
So it became my favorite even long before I saw the movie, because of HDT!!

Here are some interesting dialogue from the movie at IMDB:

Also, in the movie, John Keating reads most of the poetic dialogue from Walt Whitman, whom once he also calls affectionately as "Uncle Walt".
I had, as evident from my previous poems including some posts on this blog, derived my inspiration from Walt Whitman, quite a few instances earlier.
I was reading his Leaves of Grass an year ago, when I first came to US. However due to time constraints I could not regularly read it. Recently I brought the book again from the library and started randomly reading the poems.

I found this one poem very very passionate and moving: it's called " Whoever You are, Holding Me now in Hand". You can find the full poem Online over here:

Here are a few lines I want to note here, before I again get busy and return the book to library and forget about how inspired I was:

Beginning from the beginning:

"WHOEVER you are, holding me now in hand,
Without one thing, all will be useless,
I give you fair warning, before you attempt me further,
I am not what you supposed, but far different. "

And then again:

"The way is suspicious—the result uncertain, perhaps
You would have to give up all else—I alone would expect
to be your God, sole and exclusive..."

"...possibly with you sailing at sea, or on the beach of
the sea, or some quiet island, Here to put your lips upon mine I permit you,..."

"Even while you should think you had unquestionably
caught me, behold! Already you see I have escaped from you.
" ( this is the one I dwelled and swelled the most, with compassion to the poet, and feeling emotionally elated at the same time).

And lastly the concluding verses:

"Nor will my poems do good only—they will do just as much
evil, perhaps more; For all is useless without that which you may guess at
many times and not hit—that which I hinted at; Therefore release me, and depart on your way."

There it goes, I am glad I could capture these beautiful literary "joys" before they got lost in my more sublime trains of thoughts.

I am sure I have lost many such earlier, and who knows will lose many more in the future. But as long as possible, I will try to atleast capture them in my blog right here, which may perchance, look rich in retrospective.

I will end this post here with a little bit of my own, althought its INCOMPLETE, still dedicated to Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, the movie Dead Poets Society, and to all those real-life societies similar to the one in the movie, and to many of the dead poets, Keats, Wilde, Poe...and the list goes on:
"all dead poets have twisted souls
and in their graves they live forever
the dreams in their eyes will never
cease to turn into great works of art
or inspire the minds of the young at heart................"

--Siddartha Pamulaparty
Date: May 15, 2008.