Sunday, September 07, 2008

Walk Alone- Lyrics

I walk alone
In the streets of loneliness;
My mind is empty now,
Except the memories of you, my love!

I wonder if you're happy now,
Without me standing in your way!
Would you rather care,
If we meet across the road one day!!

I don't even know what you call,
That, what happened between us!
Could not have been the same,
Which, would be common among friends!!

I walk alone
In the darkest hour of night;
Thinking of you often,
Seeing a lone star fall from the sky!!

In the days of brighter sunshines,
In the middle of a hot desert,
I die and become born again,
I suffer the pain, and feel the constant hurt!!

On evenings of twisted moonlights
My tortured soul turns so restless!
I sit by the lake and stare at the ripples,
And I smile at my own foolishness!!

I walk alone
In the jungle no one's walked before;
Searching for the most precious thing I lost,
Which I could not hold in my hands!!

Sometimes I thought you were a dream,
Sometimes I fought with my own self!
But I know that you were real
And you let me put my love on a shelf!!

I didn't believe in miracles till now,
Today I feel like I need one so much!
If time could change its course,
So, I again feel your gentle touch!!

I walk alone,
Dreaming in the broad day lights,
Dreaming of you, my Dream,
And waking up in your lovely arms!

I walk alone, I walk alone
In the streets of loneliness!
I walk alone, I walk alone,
In the darkest hour of night!
I walk alone,
I walk alone!!!

-Siddartha Pamulaparty