Monday, January 14, 2008

Dreams We See

I once had seen a wondrous place in Paradise, not on this rough earth.
There were mountains wide and valleys green over which blew the splendid winds.
There were streams of waters, short and long,that shined like silver under the blazing sun.
There were deers and rabbits and peacocks which jumped and hopped and danced in joy.
There were fields of corn and cotton stretching into infinite lands.
There were golden sands along the shores and the golden beaches.
There were miles and miles of coral reefs on the edges of the wild blue seas.
There were herds of cows with healthy mammary glands, grazing on green grasses.
There were galloping horses, so strong and valorous like the Mermidons.

I once had been into deep woods, deeper than the dark blackholes
There were millions of species of flora and fauna surrounding me
Even those thought to be extinct for long, in front of my eyes, I could see
There were handsome men and beautiful women, with their charming offsprings
Living along the springs and the rivers that spawn life to the infinite,
In harmony, in peace, with all tranquility and complacency.

I once had a vision of a bright new world, brighter than the sun,
There were people who loved and cared for one another,
The oxygen that they breathed in, they called it freedom,
The water that quenched their thirst, they called it self-respect,
The bread they ate, though made of wheat, they called it the dignity.
Well, all in all, that world I saw, I felt in truth could never be
Indeed, indeed, tomorrow's world is but what we in our dreams, now see.

Siddartha Pamulaparty
Dec-2006 to Jan-2008.