Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sonnet to the Dream

Shall I wait till the day of Valentine-
Or confess right away my love for you?
For, always be alike feelings of mine-
In dry mornings or evenings of dew;
In the shimmering hot sun of summer
Or in the killing chill of winter's cold!
Brand new seasons or those memories old;
I ever in silence like a hummer
Sing the same lyrics I wrote of my love-
My sweet love, that I never spoke about
Yet had not allowed to establish doubt
Of my admiration that stands above
The Heavens that are seen only in dream:
A dream that you are or your name a dream!!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


"Was that the sound of gentle streams
That on this rocks are falling to?"

"No, my Love! it is in your dreams
That my dry lips are calling you!"

"Was that the voice of that great bard,
Who grew so wise and died too young?"

"No my darling! it is not hard
To hear my heart humming your song!"


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where are they?

There are those who have an ambition
There are those who have a solemn dream;
And those with strong determination
That flow in wild woods like a graceful stream.

Where are they?



Blind was I
Couldn't see
While you were in
Front of my eyes.

Mad am I
Can't forget when
You are away
From my arms.


Life and Soccer

A strange thing, I don't like soccer...but i wrote something on that too!!!

What with life?
I ask myself.
And often find
Some strange answers.

Says one voice
It's a soccer game
In which you win
On scoring goals.

Yells another
It's a soccer ball
You get kicked
By unknown feet.

One more shouts
It's a soccer net
You catch and hold
When a good one comes.

What about
This soccer thing?
I sometimes ask and
Answer myself.

For some this
Soccer is but life;
And for some this
Life is soccer.

16 May 2006.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some random thoughts

These are some of my random thoughts, which I fear may be lost with time!! So, as Thoreau said: "Write while the heat is in you. The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with. He cannot inflame the minds of his audience".

I do not want to have my iron cold, whilst I attempt to drill a hole in to the massive rocks, hoping to see a ray of light that perchance could make me Enlightened.

Following are some of thoughts I would like to record for the time being, and somewhere in eternity revisit them and keep my promises!!

To begin with a few lines that I am really proud of to have written recently:

This thought in mind of you alone,
Turned me into human from stone!

Perhaps, this is one of the best couplets I loved to create. And may be if there is enough inspiration, I could build this up to a good set of stanzas.

Then again there are some less inspired but nevertheless worth recording:

I know what I am
I am a loser big time!!

This could perhaps become a song.

Some more lyrics, that are incomplete are:

I sleep because I like to dream
In dream I see a beautiful face.
The face begins to smile at me
With certain smirk and some grace.

And one more:

On a day this fine
My bread is the Sun.
Water is my wine
And the wind my woman.

Apart from these I am working on a something, I am considering which could be an epic poem.
I call it DREAM.

And there's a story, partly facts, partly fiction which will come out very soon!!

Love you my blog, see you soon!!!
As of now, adios!!