Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost Letters - III

To: My teacher, Prof. M. Ravinder Rao on January 4, 2005!

Dear Sir,

Firstly, I wish you would find a very happy new year in 2005. I am quite delighted to have received a mail from you.
I remember on an occasion (of Teachers' day festival) you told us that a Teacher will be happy when the student first Understands, then Believes and finally Acts accordingly of what the Teacher has taught him.(forgive me if i missed out something).
I think of that very often.
Well, sir, I haven't been in touch with my Teachers at our KITS college,during the past year when i graduated. i take the whole blame on myself for not doing so. Each and every thing I learnt and experienced during my B.Tech, I shall cherish all my life.

At the beginning of this new year, let me make a resolution that I shall not just keep my memories of the beautiful past and my own experiences with the world as I see it to myself....
I shall share them with my Teachers and fellow-students of my college.

Kindly convey my Warmest Wishes to all my Teachers.
(Please forgive, although I would like to personally meet everyone, the time doesn't permit so).

Thank You and Regards,
Siddartha P.
(Roll No 99301, BTech Mech Engg 1999-2003, KITS Wgl).

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